Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween Doodle Turns Google Logo Into “Global Candy Cup” Video Game

Google has posted its Halloween Doodle a day early, giving everyone something to do as their workweek comes to an end.

Google halloween

The logo doubles as the “Global Candy Cup” video game, where players select the witch they want to be and maneuver through the Halloween night sky on their broom, collecting as much candy as they can while avoiding bats and floating ghosts.

Welcome to the Global Candy Cup, a fierce competition where four extraordinary witches race to collect the most candy before the end of Halloween.

To start the game, you must first choose among four witches: Blue, Red, Yellow or Green, all of which have personal profiles listed on the Google Doodle Blog.

Using your space bar, you can move your witch up and down, evading bats and ghosts while picking candy-suckers and chocolate bars.

The points you score are tallied in the “Global Candy Cup” at the end of the game for the witch you selected. The final screen lets you email or share the game on your social networks, search for “Halloween” or recruit more players to be a specific witch, helping grow her total global points.

“Only one team will go home with the Cup — will it be yours?” asks the Google Doodler team, hinting that there may be a follow-up Doodle featuring the winning witch. As of 8:45 a.m. ET, Yellow — the one who loves cats – had a serious lead over the other three witches.

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