Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fadi Ghanem MD

A well renowned and experienced doctor Fadi Ghanem own great expertise in maternal and family clinic. He is a specialised primary care doctor who has an excellent knowledge of his field and has also acquired numerous degrees of medicine. Let’s have a look on his qualifications.

To state from the initial phase of his career, he is a science graduate (B.SC.) from American university of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon (1979-1982). After finishing hid graduation, he then pursued M.D from the same university from 1982 to 1986 and then switched over to internal medicine internship in the same university from 1986 to 1987. Fadi Ghanem MD performed a keen research in family medicine from Baylor college of Medicine, Houston, Texas (residency) and has done extensive and systematic training in all the aspects of family medicine that includes emergency care, cardiology, Nephrology, Pulmonary, Oncology, Rheumatology, intensive care, coronary care, obstetrical and paediatrics. Above all the qualifications and knowledge, Dr Fadi Ghanem has done surgical rotations of around 9 hospitals in the Houston Medical centre. (1987-1990). He did the fellowship in rural family medicine from Tacoma General Hospital, W.A. that is based on the procedures in family medicine and obstetrics. (1990-1991).

Dr Fadi Ghanem has a wonderful set of educational qualifications which surely indicates his hard work and dedication towards his field. To broaden the idea, let us have a look on his experiences that completely makes him the best in his field.

Fadi Ghanem MD has an experience of expanding obstetrical services and procedures which were accessed in the small rural community of WV from the community health clinic Scarborough of West Virginia. (1991 to 1992). After this he practiced for a short time in Deep East Texas Maternal and family clinic and further extended himself to a big set that enclosed Newton and Jasper counties with full medicine services that includes inpatient care surgical as well as services of diagnostic obstetrical. (1992-195). After getting back to back experiences, he became the assistant professor of family medicine UTMB of Conroe branch in Gynaecology, obstetrical services and procedures. Presently he is having his own maternal and family clinic in Woodland, Texas.

He covered up to 5 locations which includes rural areas from Willis through Mongolia and Tomball and has been offering his gull range of diagnostic and medical services over the years since 1996. His medical services also include in-office minor surgical procedures and in office an Intravenous treatment that provide patients with easy availability to care and also decreases the unwanted recommendations to hospitalisation.

Other required information about Dr. Fadi Ghanem: –

As stated Dr Fadi Ghanem is a primary care doctor practising in Maternal, family clinic and has a brilliant knowledge of it. He communicates in English and has board certifications from American board of family medicine. He also has professional memberships from Texas medical association and presently has his clinic at Woodlands.

You can visit at the following address: -
1111 Medical Plaza Drive
Ste 230
The Woodlands, TX 77380

For any details or health care needs you can also contact him at 281-419-1599, can fax at 281-898—7632 or even can mail him at fghanem@mfclinic.com

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